TribeUpp - Fun Experiences to Meet New People and Build New Friendships in Auckland

Fun experiences to meet new people

and build new friendships in Auckland

Ready to expand your social circle?

Making friends as an adult is hard. Our fun in-person experiences are specifically designed to make it easy!


Join one today and lose all that awkward pressure of small-talk at a random meet up, coffee or friend-date. Instead enjoy a unique 6-week experience with a bunch of new people that is above everything else fun to do, and making friends is a bi-product.

3 Easy steps to find your new tribe

Lonely adult, signing up to a TribeUpp Experience

1. Join one of our fun experiences and select your age group to be with others at a similar life stage

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2. Meet each other and start the experience together, having fun above everything else

Group socialising together and having fun

3. Complete the whole experience  to have built the bonds to continue without us!

What are TribeUpp Experiences? 

They're specifically designed activities set over a period of time that help you meet new people at a similar life stage, but more importantly, actually build authentic friendships, which is often the most awkward part as we get older! Yeah there's options out there to meet people... but it's getting from that awkward first encounter full of the usual small-talk, to becoming fully fledged comfortable friends that's the tricky part. And at TribeUpp, that's what we've created the solution for.

Our range of experiences help you not just meet new people, but build friendships without the apps or swiping! We take things back to basics, letting you connect with people in person over common interests, going through a unique and fun experience together, building bonds as a result. It’s the perfect way to find your new tribe, especially for the introverts and socially anxious. 

Making friends
Which city should we launch TribeUpp in next?

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What our past players think

"Fun day exploring Auckland with a bunch of new people, had the added thrill of solving the clues and racing the other team.

Definitely recommend it especially for someone new to town! Thanks again TribeUpp team"


Marina - Expat Game Experience

Who are these experiences designed for...
Group of girls meeting for the first time for The Expat Game Experience in Auckland
The winning team from The Expat Game Experience meeting for their prize
Group of girls meeting during the Whanau Challenge after The Expat Game

Love meeting new people?

You'll join an experience with people of similar age or life stage so you can expand your social circle and have some fun, building connections with people you've never met before!

Have you moved here?

Starting from scratch in this new city or country? We've got experiences specifically designed to help you settle in, learning more about the city, culture and cool places to go, but in a fun way.

Had a break up?

We all know how tough this can be, especially when you both had a lot of mutual friends. Sometimes it's nice to just spread the wings and turn over a new leaf with new people.

Ready to branch out?

Are you or your friends entering different life stages so things don't gel as well as they used to? Marriage, kids, single life - it can change things drastically, so join an experience today!

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Why are we doing this?

Experiencing life as Expats ourselves, we were introduced to what it's like to start from scratch in a new city, country and culture and all the challenges that brings. It's not that difficult to meet new people, but it is to actually build meaningful relationships and bonds. We found this process a little awkward as an adult, and using the apps and Facebook groups to arrange random meet ups very unnatural and strange. The initial meeting could be fun and interesting, but it made us question why these experiences often don't lead to the creation of a close friendship group like the one's we previously had in our home city and country. 

Then we figured it out.


Friendships aren't supposed to be forced, but something that is naturally built over time as you all go through some form of experience together. Which is why we often form close friendships in education, work or sports teams, in an environment where there isn't so much pressure on it. At which point we also realised, this isn't just an Expat problem... this is a problem for adults in general!


With this knowledge, TribeUpp was born.

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Join an upcoming Experience for

The Expats Experience - NEW.png

The Expat Game Experience

A competitive team adventure game for a half day of fun, followed by a 5-week Whanau Challenge experience.

The Foodies Experience - NEW.png

The Foodies Dinner Party Experience

An 8-week hosting and eating experience with fellow foodie fans, for those that just love cook, host and eat!

The Adventurers Experience - NEW.png

The Adventurers Treasure Hunt Experience

A 6-week group treasure hunt, doing weekly outdoor activities for map pieces in the hunt for your buried team prize.

Important COVID-19 Announcement:

After careful consideration, all of our Experiences have been postponed until the end of 2021, due to the unpredictable change of alert levels that make these kind of commitments difficult to organise and to participate in. 

Until then, we encourage you to join the waitlist and will be in touch as soon as we are ready to start setting dates again.

Or see our full range of experiences below

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