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...are designed for you to have fun above everything else! As a bi-product, you’ll make new friends. In fact, they’re specifically designed to help you get to know new people in a way that takes the awkwardness away and lets you just relax and build friendships organically and naturally. We step away from the tech and apps, and let this happen in person, the way it’s supposed to. Where you can chat, build trust and see how you react to each others vibes.

The Foodies Experience - NEW.png

For the brunchers, lunchers, diners and all-you-can-eaters! The My Kitchen Rules, Come Dine With Me and Masterchef fans, and the all round food-obsessed.

The Expats Experience - NEW.png
Sailing Boat

For the explorers who have moved from another country, travellers looking to stay a while, and those wanting to know the city and culture better!

The Adventurers Experience - NEW.png
Feather 4

For the trampers, the hikers, the climbers, the boaties, the walkers and all-round adventurers, seeking outdoor activities to get some fresh air and fun.

The Creatives Experience - NEW.png

For the hobbyist to the enthusiastic artists, painters, writers, photographers and sculptors, the imaginative try-their-hand-at-anything-ers and candlestick makers.

The Game Lovers Experience - NEW.png

For the board game fanatics, video gamers, escape room enthusiasts and overall puzzle fans

The TV and Movie Obsessed Experience - N

For the cinephiles, the movie buffs, TV bingewatchers, streaming seekers and the entertainment obsessed