9 board games to play with friends

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Many of us can remember hours whiled away as kids playing games like Snap, Cluedo and Monopoly with friends. Those moments of bonding over accusing Miss Scarlet of murder in the kitchen and getting out of jail free helped build friendships that would last a lifetime. Now that we are adults we often don’t prioritise fun and games the way we did as kids. However, board games are really a great way to bond, and there are some amazing board games out there that are a little more complex and sophisticated than the ones we played as kids.  So, what board games are the best for playing with friends as an adult?

Board Games to play in person

There are some incredible board games made for adults that are challenging and engaging and make for a great games night with friends. Some of these games are quite expensive, but you can look for them second hand. The other more affordable option is to seek out games cafes where you can buy a coffee and have access to their huge library of games to play with friends while you are there. Here is a short list of some top games we have played lately that you might like to keep an eye out for:


This is a great charades-like game with three increasingly difficult rounds. Great for larger groups!


A fun game of bluffing and almost unbelievable trivia! This game is good for groups of three or more and can get a lot of laughs. Plus you’ll learn some really weird facts.


This is a team based game for 4 to 8 players. It is a fun word based game that encourages you to get into your teammate’s head to communicate ideas to them using only one word!


Tried and true and totally underrated!. Scrabble can get pretty heated, so make sure to have a dictionary on hand. Scrabble is perfect for around 2-4 players. You can often find old scrabble sets at second hand shops so keep and eye out.

Settlers of Catan

A classic game of strategy for 2-4 players. This game appeals to the strategist in all of us and involves creating your own civilisation by collecting supplies and expanding your own territory. It can get pretty competitive pretty quickly!

Junk Art

This game is like a more complex version of Jenga for 2-6 players, where you build up your own junk art using an array of weird shapes. Each round has a different objective opening the game up to strategy and subtle (and not so subtle) sabotage.


Hive is like a much cuter version of chess using little insect tiles to try to trap your opponents queen bee. Each insect moves in a different way, meaning that strategy and forward planning are key. Perfect for a quieter, two person get together. You can even get a cheaper miniature version to take on the road.

Board Games to play online

If you aren’t able to physically hang out with your friends (say, during a nationwide lockdown...) you can still play board games! All you need is a computer and a few dollars to download some software. These two options allow you to access games online and play with friends across the globe.

Tabletop Simulator

You can purchase this software for around $30 from Steam. Once you purchase it you have access to a huge library of digital board games that you can play online with friends who have also purchased the software. The controls take a little while to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, it is heaps of fun. Play this while video calling and you can have a super fun games night without anyone having to leave their own home. As an added bonus, you can flip the games table and send all the pieces scattering into the void if you lose. Much tidier and safer than flipping a real life table, but just as dramatic.


Jackbox offers online party games and you can buy packs of different games to play with friends online. It costs a little to buy the games but you will often find them on sale. The great thing about Jackbox is that you can use it on different devices, rather than being limited to your computer.

There are so many board games available these days and these are just a few of the ones we’ve been loving lately. Games are a really great way to build new friendships and develop existing ones through laughter and light competition. There are heaps of options out there - we could write pages and pages and never get through all the options! So try a few of our suggestions out and start thinking about what kinds of games you and your friends enjoy the most. Take a look through the games section of your local bookstore or see if you can track down a specialist games store to see what other options there are. If you’re looking for online multiplayer options, check out online gaming stores like Steam. There really is a board game for everyone!

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