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Food and Friendships

Updated: Jan 20

Some things just go well together. Chocolate and peanut butter, hotdogs and mustard, fish and chips, popcorn and butter, food and friendships.

Eating and socialising have a long history of pairing well together, and for good reason. Eating together and cooking for one another are great ways to build and strengthen social bonds, celebrate, and create shared experiences for the development of strong, meaningful friendships.

History of eating and socialising

The long history of eating and socialising is prevalent in many cultures all around the world, dating as far back as Ancient Greece. Social dining has served many purposes throughout history, from simple meals together for sustenance, to celebratory feasts, to elaborate banquets marked by excess. One of the most widely spread, long lasting, and well known varieties of social eating is the harvest festival, where communities celebrate the yearly harvest and enjoy the new bounty of food together. These festivals are marked with traditions like giving thanks, praying, and enjoying music together. Food is something we all need in order to survive, and yet, clearly, it is much more than just energy for our bodies. It is somehow at the centre of what makes us human.

Eating together and building friendships

Even within our own personal histories, eating with others has served and continues to serve many purposes throughout our lives. We ate with our families as children and learned how to be part of our own cultures, we sang and ate cake at birthday parties, we danced and enjoyed food at weddings, we cried and shared stories and food after farewelling a departed loved one. We eat together and let off steam in our staff rooms at break times, we cook food for our loved ones, we make comforting food for friends we know are having a hard time. Food is experience and culture, love and service, and a meaningful focus for social gatherings. We eat and learn about each other and create memories, shaping strong foundations for friendship.

When building new friendships, food can clearly facilitate the kind of closeness in relationships many of us long for but often don’t know how to attain. In the beginning of a friendship, eating together can be a focus for a sometimes awkward phase, providing conversation topics, a chance to find out about each other’s preferences, and a way to create experiences together that can work towards building a solid relationship. And, as food is clearly a way of expressing care, cooking food for each other can continue to strengthen the bonds we've started building by allowing us to look after each other. Inviting someone into our home and cooking for them is one of the ultimate displays of love and a way to share part of who we are with others - our culture, our stories, our strengths and weaknesses.

Our Foodies Dinner Party Experience

At TribeUpp, we recognise the power of food. We understand the way that sharing meals with others can facilitate the process of building strong, long lasting friendships. That's why our Foodies Dinner Party Experience starts with a meal out with your new group as an opportunity to learn about each other, create some shared experiences and give you a focus to work through the often awkward initial stages of relationship building. After this, each team member gets the chance to cook for the others, and continue to strengthen and build on the foundations laid in the first meet up. With our Foodie Experience, you can connect with other foodies and create friendships around an aspect of human life that has been cultivating friendships all across the world, all throughout history.

Click here to sign up for the Tribeupp Foodies Dinner Party Experience.

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