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What are the TribeUpp experiences?

At TribeUpp we're currently offering three great experiences to help you build meaningful friendships, with a view to create more in the future. Here's a quick rundown of what to expect when you join one of our experiences.

The Foodies Dinner Party Experience

For this experience, you and your group will first meet and make your way to your secret restaurant location. Here, you'll eat together and learn about the rest of the foodie experience. After this, each member of the group will take it in turns hosting a weekly dinner party for the others over the next six weeks, secretly scoring each other on your hosting skills. At the end of the experience you will meet up again at a restaurant where the foodie experience host winner will be announced and prize awarded.

The Expat Game Experience

This experience begins with a half-day fun adventure around the city, where you'll search for clues with your team, hidden within local businesses. During this time you'll win points to try and beat the other competing teams for the game day prize. After this initial experience, you and your group can opt to participate in the 7-week Whānau Challenge. This involves being sent a weekly theme and activity ideas to pick from that you can meet up and do together that week, sending photo proof to us that at least three members of your team made it. Once you complete the Whānau Challenge, your team wins another prize to celebrate the friendships you have built together.

The Adventurers Treasure Hunt Experience

This is an 8 week adventure treasure hunt for groups of up to six, where you race against other teams to be the first to dig up the buried treasure. Each week you will be compete an activity to retrieve more of the map and story, and as a team decide which of two obstacles to tackle to progress further. This choice will determine which adventurous activity you’ll be doing the next week. Adventures include kayaking, rock climbing, hiking and more. Your team will also receive mid-week photo challenges for extra points that determine which of the teams gets the head start on the final week's race for the prize. At the end of the adventure, in week 8, the completed map will reveal the location of your literally buried treasure to dig up before the others.

Keep an eye out for the following TribeUpp experiences based around life stages that are currently under construction:

  • The Golden Years Experience

  • The Student Experience

  • The New Parents Experience

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