Where and how to join a sports team in Auckland

When you move to a new country, one of the best ways to meet new people is by joining a sports team. Not only will you be keeping fit, but you’ll end up seeing the same people each week, which is one of the most important steps to finding your people. Plus most sports teams have a very lively social life after games, so you’ll find your schedule being filled up in no time.

New Zealander’s love sports. They love watching them as much as they love playing them either competitively or just socially. So if you have a sport that you loved back home, then it is highly likely that if you did a google search for a sports club near you, there will be many options that pop up. If you are wanting to find another sport or keen to see what New Zealanders are out there playing, here is our list of sports teams to join:

Soccer - a.k.a football

New Zealanders aren’t as football-mad as the rest of the world seems to be, but they do enjoy playing soccer socially. Here are some clubs you could check out:


If you love to spend your Saturdays on the open field, bathing in the sunshine and throwing the ball around with mates, then you will love Auckland’s social cricket teams. 


A firm favourite for the ladies is Netball. If you are from a non-commonwealth country Netball will be very unfamiliar, but think of basketball without the dribbling of the ball and no backboard. When playing social netball, you can play with all females but just recently there has been a surge in mixed teams, which bring a great social element and different skill level to a normally traditional sport. 

Touch Rugby

Touch rugby is definitely a firm favourite for the kiwis when playing a social sport. The sport is similar to rugby without the tackling, which means is great for mixed teams and you don’t need to worry about any major injuries from being tackled. 

Indoor Sports

New Zealanders love to play indoor sports. Not sure if its because we don’t really like the rain or we want to play the sport all year round. Either way, you can find social indoor clubs everywhere with the game being played in a smaller area but with high intensity. 

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