Emily and Tash advertising The Expat Game on Queens Street in Auckland

Our Team

Meet the tribe that makes TribeUpp happen

Our team here at TribeUpp are made up of motivated individuals who connect with what we’re trying to achieve and why. We can all identify with the need for a product like our Experiences to help adults meet new people and make new friends, as a better alternative than the methods currently out there. We’re made up of Kiwis and Expats alike, and are all learning by doing and working together to make the magic happen.

Think up fun stuff

The Experience Design Team

Emily Bradley, Co-Founder & Experience Architect at TribeUpp
Co-Founder & Experience Architect


Hey, I have a lot of fun collaborating on new experience ideas, and developing them to fruition! I also look after the website and customer communications, before, during and after the experiences.

Co-Founder & Master of Handshakes


Hey, I look after the team at TribeUpp, and handle our HR and legal responsibilities. I also am a part of the Experience Design team and enjoy coming up with new ideas for people to bond.

Experience Architect


Hey, I utilise my passion for board games and make the most of my experience coming up with and coordinating activities for international students, by helping design and develop the TribeUpp experiences. 

Spread the word

The Marketing Team

Valerie, Digital Marketing Manager at TribeUpp
Digital Marketing Manager


Hey, I am responsible with coming up with our overall strategy for spreading the word about TribeUpp and our experiences across all our digital platforms. I work remotely, and currently live in Australia.

Content Curator


Hey, I work alongside Valerie to contribute and execute the TribeUpp strategy to help promote our experiences to anyone who wants to join! I'm behind all the social platform posts and sometimes I'll be the one who messages you back!

Master of Words


Hey, as an English Teacher by day, I get to utilise my writing skills, researching and creating the blogs for the TribeUpp website. With these we hope to inform, educate and advise people on making and building friendships in a new place.

Find people to play

The Growth Team

Sushi, Growth Hacker at TribeUpp
Growth Hacker


Hey, I am often out in the field talking to people to research and understand thoroughly, different people's experience for making friends as an adult. I also help to spread the word about our experiences and create B2B collaborations.

Sanjit, Growth Intern at TribeUpp
Growth Intern


Hey, I am often out talking to people about TribeUpp and our experiences, better understanding the problem and how we can solve it. I also really enjoy creating new business relationships to collaborate with for our experiences.

Keep us Running

The Finance Team

Rigel, The Numbers Guy at TribeUpp
The Numbers Guy


Hey, I make sure that whatever we're designing we can actually pull off! And do all the forecasting and budgeting for the company. I am helping TribeUpp grow and expand across New Zealand and hopefully one day internationally.