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The Adventurers Treasure Hunt Experience

You'll team up with other outdoor enthusiasts for this, real life, choose your-own-adventure 6-week treasure hunt, with weekly outdoor activities!

For the trampers, the hikers, the climbers, the boaties, the walkers and all-round adventurers.

Experience Overview 

Important COVID-19 Announcement:

After careful consideration, all of our Experiences have been postponed until the end of 2021, due to the unpredictable change of alert levels that make these kind of commitments difficult to organise and to participate in. 

Until then, we encourage you to join the waitlist and will be in touch as soon as we are ready to start setting dates again.


The Next Experience Details


Experience postponed during pandemic - join the waitlist to be notified when the date is announced


Saturdays between 9am - 2pm.

The specific time for each activity will be messaged a week ahead


6 weeks -

One activity each Saturday for 6 weeks in a row.


Auckland -

All activities will be within 40 mins from Auckland CBD & the specific location will be messaged a week ahead

Group size

Maximum group of 6. Max teams playing is 4


Tickets available for ages 18+, we'll try to group participants together by age

Team Talk


Be put into your teams as soon as you arrive. Complete the first outdoor activity together to receive your first map piece and start the 6-week treasure hunt. Decide between two different obstacles on the map to determine what you'll be doing next week.

Outdoor Activity


Did you choose to cross the river or climb the mountain on your map piece? This choice will determine whether you'll be doing something like kayaking or rock climbing for your next map piece the following Saturday. Complete these weekly to complete the map.

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The completed map will reveal the location of your literally buried treasure (team prize!). Mini mid-week photo challenges messaged to your team will determine which team gets the head start as you race to locate and dig it up before the other team!


$269.00 NZD

Dream Ticket
Dream Ticket

What's included:

  • 6 different outdoor activities, such as (but not exclusive to) kayaking, rock climbing, trekking etc. 

What's not included:

  • Transport to the activities

  • Food & water during the activities

  • Any extras or add-ons to the activities wanted on the day

Join the Waitlist

To get notified as soon as tickets are available, please leave us your information below:


Why should you join the Adventurers Experience?

Fill 6 Saturdays over summer with fun outdoor adventures

Take part in 6 outdoor adventures
Choose your own adventure

Follow the clues and make choices together, which will determine what activity you will be doing the following week.

Meeting new group of people

 You'll meet up to 5 new people who love adventures just as much as you

To meet new people

Work together solving clues to discover and find the buried treasure before the other team

Get out & experience Auckland

Experience Auckland's outdoor adventures like you have never before

Winning a prize at the end of the Foodie Experience
Find the buried treasure

After you book

You'll get hints about who is joining you!

You’ll receive a confirmation email and a link to a mini questionnaire with a little about you (hobbies, nationality etc.).

3 days before your Adventurers Experience is due to start, we’ll email a little hint about your fellow adventure guests you’ll be meeting, based on your questionnaire answers.


We will also confirm the exact location to meet at the Downtown Ferry Building and the specific time.

How it works

Week 1

You'll meet each other and start your first adventure

A TribeUpp team member will be at the Downtown Ferry Building to meet you on the day and will explain how everything works. 

You'll then be partnered up with one of your fellow team mates and given your first challenge to find the rest of your team. With two teams on the hunt to find the buried treasure, the journey begins by finding your pre-assigned team mates as you travel to your first activity.

Then your first adventure begins!!

Week 2 - 5

Go on adventures & collect clues to the buried treasure

Each week you will be taken on a different outdoor adventure, where you'll need to work together as a team to solve riddles, complete challenges and collect clues that all go together to help you find the buried treasure on Week 6. 

On certain weeks you'll be asked what path you want to take in your story and map, which will then determine what outdoor activity you'll be doing the following week e.g. 'Will your cross the river or go over the mountain?'. This decide whether you end up doing a water activity or climbing activity!

Keep an eye out for the other team, as you might cross paths on some weeks. Will you choose to share your clues or keep them to yourselves? 

Week 6

The race to the buried treasure

Over the previous week's adventures, you would have collected clues that will lead you on the final adventure to find the buried treasure. The race is on against the other team, so get ready to find the 'X' that marks the spot. 

If you've enjoyed spending the time with your group and you all want to do another TribeUpp experience together, you can join one of our other experiences available. 

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Answering some common questions

How fit do I need to be?

A small amount of fitness is required for the activities, as some are a couple of hours of physical activity. However, as long as you can be on your feet for a couple of hours the activities will be manageable

Children's Outdoor Activity
What type of activities will be there?

We can't give away the surprise too much, but there will be a range of different types of fun outdoor activities, such as but not limited to kayaking, rock climbing, trekking etc. 

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How far will I need to travel?

All activities will be within the Auckland region, so should be within 40 mins from the CBD and the majority of places are accessible via public transport. Otherwise, you can discuss carpooling with your fellow team mates. 

Are all the activities paid for?

All the activities are inclusive with your ticket price, so when you arrive at the activity you will not need to pay for anything. But you will need to provide your own water and food or any extras you decide you would like to purchase on the day.

Why will this be the best way you've tried to meet new people?

Because at TribeUpp we specialise in not just helping people meet each other, but in facilitating the actual building of friendships. We're extremely passionate about what we do and helping remove the awkwardness that can come from making friends as an adult.

It's not about how many people join our experiences, it's about how many complete them together and stay friends afterwards. 


Read more about who we are and why we do what we do here.

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