The Expat Game Experience

An outdoor competitive team adventure game, for people who have moved to NZ, so you can meet new people and learn a bit more about the city and culture together


This is an experience for the explorers who have moved here from another country, travellers looking to stay a while, and those wanting to know the city and culture better! You'll meet others in a similar life stage to you, and create strong bonds away from apps and technology. This experience is all in person.

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Experience Overview 



Meet your fellow group of expats and be put straight into teams to play out a half day of fun in an adventure around the city, searching for your clues hidden in local businesses and winning points to score above the other teams and win the prize.



Had fun with your team on game day? Continue with our 5-week Whanau Challenge, where we send you weekly themes and activity ideas to complete together, taking a photo for proof that at least 3 members managed to make it each week.



Managed to complete the 5-weeks of consecutive meet ups with your team? You'll win ANOTHER prize for your team to enjoy together, celebrating the bonds you've built along the way and commitment you've given. This is what it's all about!

Important COVID-19 Announcement:

After careful consideration, all of our Experiences have been postponed until the end of 2021, due to the unpredictable change of alert levels that make these kind of commitments difficult to organise and to participate in. 

Until then, we encourage you to join the waitlist and will be in touch as soon as we are ready to start setting dates again.

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The Next Experience Details

For further questions, please email


The experience scheduled for the 13th of March has been cancelled due to the uncertainty of COVID-19 level alerts. 


The game is on a Saturday from 12:30 pm to 6:30 pm.

The following weekly social meet ups are decided between your group.


6 weeks, which includes 1 half day event for the Expat Game, then 5 weekly social meet ups after.



First meeting location is in the Auckland Domain, the rest of the game is played out in the City Centre.

Group size

Maximum group of 6.


Maximum number of teams playing is 4.

We place you into your teams. More info about that if you click here.


Tickets available for ages 18+


Early Bird: $49 NZD

Available if you 3 weeks in advance.

Full Price: $79 NZD

Any time after that 

If you have a coupon, please use on the checkout page.

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Team Brussian playing The Expat Game Experience
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Team Gal Pals playing The Expat Game Experience
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Team See No Evil playing The Expat Game Experience
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What's included:

  • A half day game with your team, followed by 5 weeks of meet ups for the Whanau Challenge (read more)

  • An AT HOP card loaded with enough credit needed to get you around the city to be returned after. This is a card you use to pay for travel in Auckland

  • Chances to win little gifts donated by businesses as you progress

  • At least a 1 in 4 chance to win a prize with your team, depending on how many teams you're against (4 max)

  • A guaranteed SECOND prize in the form of an activity to enjoy with your team if you complete the weekly meet ups.

What's not included:

  • Drinks at the end destination while you wait for the other teams to arrive

  • Any paid-for activities suggested in the Whanau Challenge (though we do provide free activity options to do as well so it's your tribe's choice what you pick to do).

How do we sort the teams?

Check out our Expat Game explainer video
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Join the Waitlist

To get notified as soon as tickets are available, please leave us your information below:

We organise our players into teams based on their age group so people are in similar life stages and if we can, by their proximity to each other in Auckland too so that it's easier to stay connected after this experience ends.


The teams may be same gender or mixed gender depending on how many of each buy tickets, however we'll not put you into a team where there are no other members of your gender so you don't end up completely outnumbered!

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5 reasons you should play The Expat Game Experience

Group of expats meeting for the first time
To meet some new people

In a setting that removes the need for awkward small talk or silences! You’ll be all given roles and tasks to do within your teams, that can win you extra points to win the game!

Winning a team prize
To win the team prize on the day and after...

One of the prizes you have a one in four chance (max) to win at the end of the game day, the other is guaranteed so long as you complete the Whanau Challenge!

The Expat Game Experience starts with a half day fun adventure game
To enjoy a half day of fun with your team

If nothing else, this game is fun to play! There's video's, clues, puzzles and a map to navigate around the city, finding your next clues in local busiensses!

A map of Auckland City
To learn some cool places to go in the city

The game will take you through some of the most popular suburbs of Auckland City, and some good places to know about that you might want to go back to later.

A group bonding and becoming friends
To take part in the Whanau Challenge 

After you’ve finished the day and the fun and games are over, your team can join the Whānau Challenge, to win another prize, to help you build on your friendships.

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How it works...


Week 1 - Game Day

Alarm Clock

We meet at 12:30, and after being put into teams by us, we'll start the experience with a couple quick fun icebreakers.


Each time will then be given a map, backpack, team roles and your first clue bag to figure out together. These clues will navigate you around the city, interacting with carefully selected businesses who look after our hidden clues that you need to find to progress. You'll also be able to score extra points for your team with individually assigned challenges that will utilise the knowledge you've picked up already being in NZ, or have you running to locals for help! Stay alert as there will also be random time-sensitive challenges text to all teams playing, in a race to complete for additional points to help you sail ahead of the competition.


You'll end up in your final location by a strict deadline of 6pm. The team that ends the game with the most points wins the overall prize - a fun activity to do with your team at a later date, or a round of drinks.. you decide!

Group of Expats in Auckland playing The Expat Game Experience
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Team Gal Pals playing The Expat Game Experience
Team See No Evil playing The Expat Game
Team See No Evil playing The Expat Game
Team See No Evil playing an Escape Room together for their prize
Team Gal Pals meeting for The Whanau Challenge, playing music bingo
Team Gal Pals meeting for The Whanau Challenge for dinner
Team See No Evil meeting for The Whanau Challenge for table tennis
Team Gal Pals meeting during The Whanau Challenge at Dice and Fork board game eatery
Team Gal Pals meeting up for The Whanu Challenge for a comedy quiz

Week 2-6, The Whanau Challenge

After the game is over, we’ll help you connect with your team over WhatsApp, where you’ll start the post-game ‘5-week Whānau challenge’. You’ll have your own private group chat with your team mates.


Each week will have it’s own theme like comedy, sports

 etc, and we will email you catch-up activity ideas around it every Monday, that you'll have to the Sunday that week to do together. These recommendations are great places we think you should know about, with special deals if we can manage it! We'll always provide both paid for and free options so you don't have to spend money each week to take part. You also don't have to do the suggestions we provide, as long as what you do together that week fits the theme, and you take the photo to prove you've done it, then it counts!

Think it might be heard to find a mutual time each week for up to 6 people? Don't worry! We've made it more achievable by the rule that only 3 of your group have to make it, and those 3 can be different each week. You can invite others to your catch ups too, so long as there are at least 3 members of your original tribe you played the Expat Game with on week 1.


How It Ends

If you manage to complete the 5-week Whanau Challenge, then the whole team wins a team prize! This will take the form of a celebratory activity that you can do together.

Enjoyed spending time with your group and want the fun to continue? Join one of our other experiences and keep the good times rolling! Or sign up to one by yourself and meet another new group of people all over again.

Don't just take our word for it

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WHAT players SAY

"Fantastic afternoon spent playing the TribeUpp game in the city and meeting some great new people!

The game was really well put together, with interactive clues seeing us walking and buses (travel card included) across the city, with secret passphrases provided to various companies in order to get the next clue!

Really clever way to help break the ice with new people while bringing out your competitive edge too."

— Jack, Expat Game Player

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For further questions, please email

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