The Foodies Dinner Party Experience

Take turns hosting dinner parties with up to 5 other foodie fans in Auckland

For the brunchers, lunchers, diners and all-you-can-eaters! The My Kitchen Rules, Come Dine With Me and Masterchef fans, and the all round food-obsessed.

Experience Overview 

Friends at Lunch


Meet your fellow group of foodies and figure out your secret restaurant location where you’ll be dining together and introduced to this foodie experience!

Cooking a home-cooked meal for friends


In your group of 6 (max), take it in turns to host a dinner over a 6 week period. After each dinner, you’ll secretly score the host on their hosting skills.

Enjoying a dinner party


You’ll have a final meet up at a restaurant, where the winner of the dinner hosting experience will be revealed and the prize awarded!

Important COVID-19 Announcement:

After careful consideration, all of our Experiences have been postponed until the end of 2021, due to the unpredictable change of alert levels that make these kind of commitments difficult to organise and to participate in. 

Until then, we encourage you to join the waitlist and will be in touch as soon as we are ready to start setting dates again.

Dinnier Party

The Next Experience Details

Join the very first test-run of The Foodies Dinner Party Experience!


2021 - Exact date to be confirmed. Join the waitlist to be the first to know when a date is set.


Sat evenings 

(weekly) at 6:30pm.

he day/time can be switched to anytime in the week if your group are happy to.


8 weeks



First meeting point outside of the ANZ Viaduct Events Centre, where you'll meet your group, receive your riddle and figure out your initial restaurant location.

Group size

Maximum group of 6



Tickets available for ages 18+

We'll try to group participants together by age.


Special Half-Price rate: $89.50
For the first test-run version of this game

Early Bird: $139 NZD

Available if you book 4 weeks in advance

Full Price: $169 NZD

Any time after that until your group is full

Dream Ticket
Dream Ticket

What's included:

  • 2 nights of restaurant meals, with 2-course dinners (Min value of $70)

  • Up to 5 evenings of being fed home-cooked meals by your fellow group members

  • 1x host pack to help you on your night

  • One of your group is guaranteed to win the experience prize.

What's not included:

  • Drinks at the restaurants

  • Your hosting evening's food/drinks - though we do encourage hosts to request BYO (bring your own drink) for their evening.


Join the Waitlist

To get notified as soon as tickets are available, please leave us your information below:

Dinner Party

You'll start and end the experience at a restaurant with your group, with 2-course meals.

Eating at a restaurant
Enjoy two restaurant meals

Why should you join the Foodie Experience?

Meeting new group of people

 You'll meet up to 5 other people who love eating or cooking as much as you! 

To meet some new people
Cooking home-cooked meals
Be treated to 5 home-cooked meals

Since you'll all be taking turns to host a dinner, you'll enjoy up to 5 home-cooked meals from the others in your group.

Your host pack contains recipe ideas, dinner party activities, reminders about your guests and allergies, and hosting tips!

Winning a prize at the end of the Foodie Experience
To have a 1 in 6 chance of a prize!

You'll be secretly scoring each other's hosting and cooking skills weekly. The winner will be revealed at the final restaurant.

Host pack for your hosting experience
Receive a host pack for your cooking night

After you book

You'll get hints about who is joining you!

You’ll receive a confirmation email and a link to a mini questionnaire with a little about you (hobbies, nationality etc.) and your dietary requirements and allergies.

3 days before your Foodie Experience is due to start, we’ll email a little hint about your fellow foodie guests you’ll be meeting, based on your questionnaire answers. This will also allow time to think about any potential dietary requirements that you may need to adjust your future menu ideas for when it comes to your hosting night.

How it works

Week 1

You'll meet each other and be thrown straight into it!

After meeting your fellow foodie tribe at a specified location in Auckland City, you'll receive a puzzle. You must figure it out together to reveal the location of the initial restaurant where you'll all be dining that evening to start the experience!

Once you arrive at the restaurant, you'll get to know each other over a two-course dinner (included in your ticket price). You’ll also decide your weekly themes for the rest of the experience together from a list provided. This may be a nationality of cooking, or it may be a style of cooking. We'll leave you some other little activities to enjoy over your first dinner together too! 

Auckland City

Week 2 - 7

You'll take it in turns in your group to cook and host dinner

You'll be in a maximum group of 6 people. When you cook your meal, you can host it at your home, a friend/family member's house, or at an outdoor or public location. You'll need to provide the food for your guests yourself at your own cost and budget, however we recommend that you ask your guests to BYO (bring your own) drink to keep costs low and cater to their different preferences. At the end of each dinner, the guests will score the host secretly on their food and hosting skills. 

We'll also be providing some optional activities each week that you can do for entertainment and to keep things flowing. 

Week 8

It ends with a restaurant meal and a prize for the winner!

After everyone has completed their hosted night, you'll all spend the final week at another restaurant, where the winner will be revealed and the prize awarded. It's also an opportunity to dine together and celebrate the end of the experience!

If you've enjoyed spending the time with your group and you all want to do another TribeUpp experience together, you can either sign up again to the same experience (with a different secret first restaurant), or you can join one of our other experiences available. If you want to meet some more new people, you're welcome to sign up again too.

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Woman being contacted about the new people she will meet for The Foodie Experience
Dinner party with new friends
Winning the top prize in your group
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Answering some common questions

Hosting a picnic
You don't have to host at your home

In the interest of your own comfort and safety, you're able to choose whether you'd like to host at home, borrow a family/friend's house or host in a public place.

You'll be put into a group of similar ages

Though we're all capable of befriending those of varying ages, we do choose to put similar ages together. We do this so you can develop friendships with those at a similar life stage as you're more likely to find it easier to relate and connect faster.

Questions about our Experiences
Are there any additional costs?

You’ll need to purchase and provide the food that your 5 (maximum) guests will be eating during your hosted evening, which should include at least 2 courses. The drinks for your guests should be BYO (bring your own).

Having friends over to socialise
What’s included in your host pack?

When it’s your turn to host, you’ll receive a digital host pack from us, with reminder guest summaries with their names, allergies and hobbies, as well as recipe ideas, dinner party activity ideas, inspiration and lots of helpful tips!

Man wondering about who he will meet at The Foodie Experience
You won't be completely clueless about your guests

Before you start, we’ll message you a super brief idea of who you’ll be meeting. We’ll also include if there’s any allergies or dietary requirements to be aware of. This will also be added to your host pack as a reminder.

Having a meal at a restaurant with a new group of people
You can change the date of your night

The experience restaurant meals and hosted evenings are scheduled every Saturday for 8 weeks, however if something comes up and your group is happy to, you can always switch the day!


Why will this be the best way you've tried to meet new people?

Because at TribeUpp we specialise in not just helping people meet each other, but in facilitating the actual building of friendships. We're extremely passionate about what we do and helping remove the awkwardness that can come from making friends as an adult.

It's not about how many people join our experiences, it's about how many complete them together and stay friends afterwards. 


Read more about who we are and why we do what we do here.

A team from one of our fun experiences to meet new people
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