Why do we need a community ?

The SME and technology industry has seen a significant number of layoffs in recent years, and this has likely had a disproportionate impact on women. Women are underrepresented in the technology industry to begin with, comprising only about 25% of the workforce. This means that when layoffs happen, there are fewer women to begin with to be affected. Additionally, research has shown that women are more likely to be in lower-paying and lower-level positions, making them more vulnerable to layoffs. Furthermore, Women in technology also tend to have more caregiving responsibilities than men, which can make it harder for them to find new jobs. So, the effect of tech layoffs on women can be more severe than men.

A call for women to help other women and themselves can be described as a movement or a mentality that encourages women to come together in solidarity and support one another. This can involve mentoring and networking, where more experienced women share their knowledge and resources with less experienced women, helping them to advance in their careers and personal lives. This can also involve advocating for equal rights and opportunities for women, such as equal pay and representation in leadership positions.

Additionally, this call can also include self-care and self-empowerment. This could mean encouraging women to set and achieve personal goals, and to develop confidence in themselves and their abilities. This can also involve breaking down the societal barriers and the negative stereotypes that hold women back, and promoting the idea that women can and should be in control of their own lives, and be confident in their choices.

Overall, a call for women to help other women and themselves is about promoting a culture of upliftment and empowerment, where women are encouraged to support one another and to be their best selves.

So Let’s help each other grow leaps and bounds!

If you have any personal stories to share or want us to share anything with the community please reach out to us. Contact details at the bottom!